• My passion is designing & building products that make the customer’s life better, easier, and more enjoyable by addressing common problems with technological solutions.

  • I manage teams by creating an environment where members are recognized and rewarded for their contributions through transparency, personal accountability, and continuous learning.

  • I believe that talented individuals thrive when they are process-driven instead of result-driven, are surrounded by colleagues that they respect, and are part of a team that continuously pushes their standard of quality upwards with each product release.


Scrum Master & Development Lead – Mobile Applications (2008 – Present)

Vertical Communications, Santa Clara, CA

  • Founded & led the Mobile Scrum Team to create Vertical’s award-winning ViewPoint Mobile applications for Android & iOS, including the Wave Client API SDK that powers it.
  • Integrated the OpenVPN and PJSIP open-source projects to create a SIP phone that solves NAT traversal issues without requiring STUN/TURN/ICE support.
  • Implemented dozens of features across numerous Wave releases that are utilized by tens of thousands of customers around the world.
  • Leading active development of an AngularJS & Bootstrap web application utilizing real-time WebSocket client/server communications.

Personal Projects (November 2009 – Present)

  • Mastered the Objective-C language and the iOS SDK, as well as the best practices of developing in the MVC paradigm.
  • Developed a wide range of applications and prototypes using Core Data, Map Kit, Core Audio, and Core Graphics frameworks to create rich user experiences.
  • Responsible for the complete life cycle for all apps, including requirements definition, UX/UI design, implementation, and support.

Applications Developer & Scrum Master – Large Enterprise Development (July 2005 – 2008)

Vertical Communications

  • Founded & led the Large Enterprise Applications scrum team which manages the demands of Vertical’s largest customers, including CVS Pharmacy.
  • Responsible for all CVS configuration HotFixes released by the company that were deployed to over 7,000 CVS Pharmacy sites across the US.
  • Conference Manager Project:
    • Designed an applications framework for inter-platform communication between a low-level Call Manager and high-level applications.
    • Implemented a Telephony Applications Service Layer (TASL) written in portable C++ that utilizes gSOAP over TCP/IP to give applications complete control over call manipulation.
  • Call Routing and Queuing (CRQ) Project:
    • Implemented a class wrapper for Microsoft’s TAPI to make future Telephony applications easier to create.
    • Closed over 100 bugs for the CRQ 2.0 RC release.
  • VerticalWiki Project:
    • Deployed an internal MediaWiki-based website for all company project information that has grown to over 268 pages with over 11,000 page views since inception in March 2007.
    • Created an extension that dynamically retrieves and renders entries in our bug tracking database directly into Wiki pages.
  • Inherited Call Recorder product and made changes necessary to be released to the market.

Open-Source Projects

  • MMMaterialDesignSpinner
    An iOS activity spinner modeled after Google’s Material Design Spinner.
  • MMScalableVectorView
    A thin UIView subclass that allows vector drawing code created by Qwarkee or PaintCode to scale according to the view’s contentMode property.


Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering (June 2005)

Minor in Communication (Film emphasis)
Santa Clara University School of Engineering

Other Achievements

  • Founder (2004), Santa Clara University Men’s Program (Chapter of the One in Four Program)
  • Margaret Quan Award (2003), Santa Clara University Residence Hall Association
  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America