About Me

Since graduating from college, I’ve been working at Vertical Communications for nearly a decade on many exciting projects that have advanced my technical and managerial skills markedly. I started as a QA engineer and quickly transitioned into a junior developer role, creating & updating VBScript IVR callflows for our largest customer, CVS Pharmacy. I added features & functionality to the existing scripts, refactored the code to facilitate adding Spanish language support, and even started fixing bugs in the C++ backend server application.

When Vertical made the transition to an Agile engineering organization, I moved into the Scrum Master role of the Large Enterprise engineering team. I reported directly to the VP of Engineering and managed the design & development of all deliverables to CVS Pharmacy and numerous other retail customers. I started contributing to the development of our Wave server while performing my LE scrum master duties, and delivered features such as Instant Messaging & Cascading Voicemail, both of which are still in heavy use today.

At about the time when Apple’s iOS platform had reached version 3.0, I bought my first iPhone. Since then, my passion has been to develop solutions for these amazing devices that the majority of the population now holds in their pockets every day of their lives. I started learning iOS development through Stanford’s free online courses, and over the next 2 years I released 3 apps that have been downloaded thousands of times. Releasing these apps gave me the confidence that I could take Vertical into the mobile era, and I founded a new team tasked with creating ViewPoint Mobile for iOS & Android devices, as well as the API server that has become the next-generation backend for all future Vertical client applications.

Since then, my PM and I have made the Mobile Apps team the fastest & most efficient team at Vertical. We’ve freed ourselves from the slow release cycle that has hamstrung our server development by adding APIs for new client features in server releases, and then iteratively releasing client updates that keeps our users engaged with new features over the course of the year. We were the first team at Vertical to utilize analytics to inform the product roadmap and design decisions, which our users have taken notice of. We’ve championed the use of git as our SCM system to encourage stronger code reviews, branch management, and overall transparency between developers. And I’m currently leading the development of a new web application using cutting-edge Javascript frameworks & technologies that will dramatically change how our end-users communicate with the rest of their organization.

In my free time, I enjoy advancing my knowledge of iOS, contributing to open source when time permits, and exercising the right side of my brain through photography.